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update; please read

It's been nearly a year since I quit my account on chelsea-hale, and yet I still get questions and demands, so I'm going to do a little clarification:

Q. Can you re-upload this? Can you give me the original track listing to this?
A. No. I'm sorry, I can't. I never keep a record of the original songs I use in fanmixes ( a bad habit, I will admit ), so there is no way I can help you. The best service I can provide is to ask other download-ers to see if they have the original mix, and would be humble enough to share it with you. Thanks.

Q. Where are you graphics now? Where are you?
A. Currently, I am a mod and poster for exittoemergency. My current account is lostincastille.

Q. If you don't use this account, why don't you delete it?
A. I use this account now for testing codes and layouts for exittoemergency. It's my testing dummy so I can sort out any kind of glitches I may find with the codes. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read!
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