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Phenomenon [ a Twilight Fanmix ]

a Twilight [ Instrumental ] Fanmix

Basically a fanmix that contains songs that goes with chapters / scenes from the book.

WOW. A fanmix? I'm amazing. And I haven't done one in like, six years?

While reading Twilight for the first a year or two ago, I was imagining a lot of instrumentals instead of everyday songs ( like ones with lyrics ). It's taken me nearly two years to FINALLY work on this, and finally, it's done.

I entitled it, "Phenomenon" after the title of chapter three, because it's the biggest turning point in Edward and Bella's relationship. And it seemed like, to me, one of the most important chapters.

I really wish, now, that I wrote down all the artists names. :( I'll try to work on getting them all for you guys, but don't count on it. I have about a million other things to be doing than finding lost composer's for a fanmix lol.


1. Welcome to Forks
2. Crying in Her Sleep
3. Phenomenon ( The Accident )
4. Invitations ( La Push )
5. Blood Typing
6. Legends
7. Nightmares
8. Port Angeles ( Rescue )
9. Port Angeles ( The Diner )
10. Cafeteria Talk
11. It's Twilight ( Complications )
12. The Meadow
13. Confessions
14. Mind Over Matter
15. Love
16. Should I Sing You To Sleep?
17. The Cullen Home
18. The Game ( Hunting )
19. Goodbye
20. Leaving Forks
21. The Ballet Studio
22. The Angel
23. An Impasse

There were a LOT of glitches while I was doing this so I told myself, "You know what, I can't keep stopping the downloads to edit or add in a song. This is pathetic." In result, I took out "The Phone Call", "Twilight [ Epilogue ]", and some other song due to an error. Which was extremely unfortunate cause I really liked those songs.

It's OK, though. These are all, or should be, enough to satisfy your Twilight needs. Besides, I needed to get a fanmix off my back before I drop off the face of the Earth for exams.

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