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Top 10 Scenes from New Moon - PICSPAM

+ animations

Edit: You are all amazing! Thanks for all the comments; I'm going to have to find real time to answer them all! But I love discussing with you all, and I'm glad we all find so many scenes that we love in common. :)

If you haven't seen the movie, do not look through the picspam! It has serious spoilers and squeeing!

- "Edward Leaves"
- "Romeo & Juliet"
- "Full Moon"

- "Hearing Damage" by Thom Yorke
- "Possibility" by Lykke Li
- "Satellite Heart" by Anya Marina

I loved both score and soundtrack, I thought each were both equally amazing. Alexandre did a great job and I was so pleased with what the other artists contributed to the soundtrack. Though Alexandre wasn't my first choice for the score ( though I did like him in Benjamin Button ), I can now say that if I heard him before, he would've shot straight to the top.

10. The BREAK UP

Whoever DID NOT LIKE THIS SCENE is crazy. I absolutely loved it! I cried. I gnawed on my Icee straw the whole time, too. I was really awaiting this scene from the time the first teaser was released, and I was not disappointed. It met my standards. It comes in as #10 only because I thought it was a little short. If it had been longer it would've been #6 or #7.

And Alexandre's piece for this scene was absolutely beautiful. It made the scene so real and surreal, which is so hard to combine in one. Kristen's heartbreaking expression and Rob's struggle for seriousness totally sent me off in sobs. I wasn't the only one. Girls were in tears and sighing and sniffling.


In the teaser we saw part of this, with Kristen's wicked eyebrow / teasing gesture. I thought it was incredibly seductive and waited for this scene for a while before it came on.

I can't say that I preferred the piece playing, but Rob did such a good job of Edward in this scene. He really represents pain. Actual pain of trying to kiss her and fight the blood lust at the same time. He also really just wants HER. Herself, her body, her mind, anything. It's easy to see that he want to devour her, but he tries so hard to rein himself in. It's painful to watch, in my opinion.

When he broke away...Hmm. It was so...sad. Like he knew he didn't have much time with her and wanted to spend as much as he could with her.

A definite Edward / Bella moment. Even though I still wish it was in her bed, like the book, it was still very nice to see outside.


I would have titled it "Happy Birthday, Bella", but "The Accident" seems more dramatic and fitting to the mood.

As one of the most vital turning points in the book / series, this scene was VERY high on my expectations list. So when part of it was released a week before the movie's release, I did not see it. Why? It's sort of hard to explain why, but I did because I couldn't spoil myself a scene so special as Bella's birthday.

Throwing Bella against the glass and roses was the icing on the cake for me. I have no idea why I am so attracted to her sudden physical pain, but it was...mesmerizing. Sort of like deja vu. Did you have deja vu through out the movie? If so, what part(s)?

7. Return to the MEADOW

Seeing this in the trailer made me realize that this scene was going to be epic. Epicly SAD.

To be honest I wasn't really attracted to the Laurent / Bella part ( and Laurent being eaten by wolves, which was sorta-not-really cool ), but really Bella's pain as she comes back to the meadow and realizes what there was so many months ago. That is what made this scene number seven.

Bella's pain is splashed through out New Moon ( the book ), and as much as it killed me as well to read it, I had to see Bella's agony on-screen as well. It's what threads New Moon together for me; Bella's durability and persistence to keep it all together, as much as she tries.

6. Screaming in her SLEEP / POSSIBILITY

Charlie had said to Alice that Bella screamed in her sleep, and I think Bella also said that she had trouble sleeping because she couldn't stop screaming at night.

The October / November / December scene was absolute genius. Remarkable, actually. I LOVED it. It really sent a ripple through my spine and it was, despite it's shortness, easily one of the best scenes in the movie.

Like I said before, seeing Bella's shock and pain was important to me. And seeing Kristen make it come to life made the book seem so real to me, as if this were actually happening to someone. It made me want to comfort her so badly that it hurt. Like a real person.

5. Adrenaline RUSH

The scene wasn't my most favorite, honestly. It had too much Jacob / Bella ( which is utterly gag-worthy ), and that annoyed me.

Yes, I know that there are A LOT of Jacob / Bella scenes in the book, but honestly, who gives a crap? Certainly not me.

But the adrenaline rush strings in Edward, so this makes it a favorite! There isn't much to say about this scene because ( if you read the book ) it's self-explanatory. Bella's desire to see Edward pushes her mental limits: she will cause any threat to herself to see an illusion of him. I think it's kind of crazy, but there is a lot of crazy!Bella in the book / movie, so it's easy to deal with.

4. Hearing DAMAGE


This was definitely one of the best scenes -- don't deny it!

I love Charlie, and I love Victoria, and the movie made me love Harry, so this scene was cool! Not to mention having Thom Yorke's absolutely remarkable song playing in the background sent my mind SOARING. I could hardly stay in my seat. There was ( to me ) a lot of symbolism and Chris did such a good job of illustrating this and making it come to life.

( can you tell I don't want to talk right now? )

3. Cliff DIVING

I can't even explain how beautiful this is to me.

2. Volterra

When these behind the scenes pictures were released, the fandom imploded. I imploded. THE WORLD IMPLODED.

There was no reunion kiss in the book, and I never thought about imagining one either. I mean, this is a race; you either win or lose, and there is no question about it. That's what this chapter meant to me.

But I'm not going to only focus on the E / B reunion ( which was absolutely fantastic and made me bawl ). I am including the VOLTURI, ALICE, THE PORSCHE, and everything else. The beauty of the city made me slightly giddy and Bella's race against time made my stomach curl. The music was epic and sent the mood of the scene(s) flying out the window.

What surprised me is that a chunk of Bella and Edward's conversation after coming back from Italy was right after Bella shoved Edward into the dark. Edward's painful relief was so, I don't know, heartbreaking? I can't find a word for it. And Bella was trying to configure whether or not she should let her emotions take over; let Edward back into her life, or protect herself from the disappointment of him leaving again? It was written all over her.

Jane was AMAZING, and Aro was exactly as I imagined. It's weird though, because I never thought of Aro having hair. Yes, that's weird, but original thoughts will always be planted in my mind.

1. The Truth

I couldn't decide between this scene and Volterra as being number one, but this scene brought back tearful memories so I had to place it as number one of New Moon.

I can hardly remember this scene because it's painfully short, so there isn't much I can say except that I LOVED IT.

( these are really crappy since I made them online due to my lack of an animation program :| )

( idk what happened to this one )

Credit isn't necessary but it is nice.
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